Flexcon Hopper Front Containers


Details and Sub-categories


Giant Hopper Bins
- Giant Hopper Bins

Complete Systems with Bins:
- Open Hopper Storage Units

Giant Stack Containers
- Giant Stack Containers
- Mobile Giant Stack Containers (with wheels)
Giant Open Hopper Bins
High density polyethylene bins
- Giant Open Hopper Bins
- Mobile Giant Open Hopper Bins (with wheels)

Complete Systems with Bins:
- Giant Stack Container Systems with bins


Ultra Stack and Hang Bins
- Ultra Stack and Hang Bins

Complete Systems with Bins:
- Container/Louvered Panel Systems

2, 3
Economy Bins
Discount Shelf Bins
- Economy Shelf Bins
- Bin Cups

Complete Systems with Bins:
- Shelving Units with Bins
- Slanted Shelving Units with Bins

Heavy Duty QuickPick Bins
- Heavy Duty QuickPick Bins with Double Access

Complete Systems with Bins:
- Wire Shelving with Bins

Interlocking Cabinets
- Interlocking Storage Cabinets with drawers

Complete Systems with Drawers:
- Interlocking Cabinets Stands with Drawers
- Patient Drawers/Cabinet Drawers in 4 colors



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Plastic Bins for Storage Systems and Materials Management

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