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Starter Kits
Heavy duty shelving unit allows 800 lb. shelf capacity. Available in 4 different heights with 9 different shelf size options. Starter kits come complete with 4 posts and 4 shelves. Additional shelves may be purchased separately. See chart below. Mobilize starter kit shelving unit with optional mobile kit, WR-00.
Add-On Kits
Additional Add-On kit allows you to expand your Starter kit by sharing a set of posts. Configuration options include straight line, back to back and right angles (L-Shape). Add-On kits come complete with 2 posts, 4 shelves and 8 S-Hooks. Additional shelves and posts may be purchased separately. 

Units with Add-On kit cannot be made mobile.


Model Description Carton
1236SHELF 12"D x 36"W Wire Shelf 1 13 $27.40
1242SHELF 12"D x 42"W Wire Shelf 1 13 $31.70
1248SHELF 12"D x 48"W Wire Shelf 1 13 $32.78
1260SHELF 12"D x 60"W Wire Shelf 1 13 $38.15
1272SHELF 12"D x 72"W Wire Shelf 1 15 $45.67
1836SHELF 18"D x 36"W Shelf 1 10 $31.14
1842SHELF 18"D x 42"W Shelf 1 11 $36.02
1848SHELF 18"D x 48"W Shelf 1 12 $37.25
1860SHELF 18"D x 60"W Shelf 1 17 $43.35
1872SHELF 18"D x 72"W Shelf 1 20 $51.90
2436SHELF 24"D x 36"W Shelf 1 13 $38.47
2442SHELF 24"D x 42"W Shelf 1 15 $43.23
2448SHELF 24"D x 48"W Shelf 1 16 $46.41
2460SHELF 24"D x 60"W Shelf 1 21 $54.95
2472SHELF 24"D x 72"W Shelf 1 26 $65.33

Additional Shelves and Posts
Additional shelves maybe be purchased for your starter kits and add-on units*. Available in 5 different widths in both 18" and 24" depths. Additional posts are available in four heights. Remember to order a set of S-Hooks if you purchase a shelf for an Add-On!


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